I hadn't planned to stream through my memories back and forth, let myself be taken away by the bitterness of the first weeks of parenting and bringing the dormant memories back to light. All I felt that was needed to be pointed out was candidly described in my first book First Time Dad, even though a considerable amount of profanity had to be extracted from the text prior to the book release. The way it goes nowadays is that we live and learn with Facebook.

20. 8. 2018 David Vais

Once upon a time there was a Spanish doctor, pediatr and a specialist in Sleep Medicine. This sun tanned man called Eduard Estivill Sancho once released a bestseller 5 Days to a Perfect Night´s Sleep for Your Child. Combining several different methods including the authoritative ones, which not only teach children to fall asleep on their own, but also how to achieve a good night sleep. This book has become both a world´s bestseller and an enemy to countless of mothers across the planet. Dr. Estivill has become the Antichrist of the family literature.

30. 3. 2018 admin